I’m Lauren Manuel, Founder of the Wild & Grounded Group,  Certified Life Coach (NLP & Movement Facilitation) and Communications Specialist.

You’re one thought away from changing your life!

Through individual coaching sessions (in-person or remote), I guide you to liberate and empower yourself to choose a new story for yourself in business and your personal life.

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Retreats | Slow Escapes

I curate and co-host retreats, small group travel journeys in Kenya (coastal, safari) and Europe which nurture connection to self, to others and to nature. 

Choose yourself, give yourself permission to slow down, heal and explore within the safety of an intimate group.

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I chat to Healthcare Practitioner & Well-Being Coach, Bisi Emenanjo, about Journaling for Thankfulness and the impact this habit can have on your mental health, relationships and overall well-being.

In this very first episode of Wild & Grounded, Julie Mac Donnell chats about the Mindfulness Grounding tool 5-4-3-2-1 which utilises all of our senses to help bring us out of chaotic head space and into the 'NOW'.

Meet your host, Lauren Manuel. Wild&Grounded is really an invitation to journey with me as I join experts and experienced women to discover fresh habits and daily tools to add to your kit which will help us all do life a bit better. And ultimately thrive. Progress, not perfection. I'll hope you'll join me.

What Clients Say on Google

Raj Kamal GargGoogle Review
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It was an extremely powerful experience to have co-facilitated the Joy-Laughter session at the Old Age facility with Lauren. Her contribution with play was wholesome, enriching and she clearly knew her subject. She was very impromptu with her creativity, upon seeing how challenging some situations became due to the limitations of the participants. We are grateful to have had this opportunity to personally work with Lauren, and hope to get more chances. Love, Husein & Kamal.
Sophia WinderGoogle Review
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Working with Lauren in her capacity as a Secret Sunrise Facilitator was truly remarkable. She engages with everyone deeply and meaningfully, incorporate a fun element that the public truly enjoys. I enjoy collaborating with her knowing she puts a 110% effort into her facilitation which people genuinely feel and appreciate. I look forward to future collaboration.
Candice BrownGoogle Review
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Lauren is an incredible facilitator! Working alongside her was such a beautiful experience. She holds a space with grace and ease, she is able to get her message across in a clear and easy to grasp manner. I can’t wait to work together more.
Paula Mujer NaturalezaGoogle Review
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I have co-created a workshop with Lauren and it has been a fun and dynamic process. Lauren is creative and full of resources, her energy motivates you to get moving and create!! She also loves taking charge of content for social media, something I'm not very good at! And she also adapts to changes, to each person's rhythms and ideas, and her energy brings freshness and ease to everything we did!! Looking forward to more cocreation my sister!! Lots of Love
SA Drug Policy SA - Julie MacGoogle Review
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Absolutely wonderful session... Consciously guided by Lauren who put me at total ease throughout the process. This was my first experience of Deep Creative visualisation and I am grateful I had such a knowledgeable, gentle and patient person to assist this transitional journey. It was a profound and enlightening regression and I would recommend that everyone embraces this process at least once in their life. Thank you Lauren for creating such a safe space for me. Deep gratitude.
Hilary DaviesGoogle Review
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The workshop with Lauren was incredible - she creates and holds such a beautiful and safe space. The morning was a much needed pause and the reflection that Lauren led helped me a lot to find more balance and come back to a more grounded self. So grateful to have met her and the rest of the women - what a stunning community!
NatashaThe Gentle Travel Guide
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Lauren’s adventurous, easy going spirit made for a relaxed experience which flowed naturally on the day. When co-facilitating you want to work with this woman, no fuss + positive energy = collaborative cohesion 🙂
Sarah GonzalesGoogle Review
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A privilege to work with, Lauren has a peaceful, inviting energy, and her manner is focused, yet adaptive. She achieves the perfect balance between holding space for others to creativity explore, while simultaneously offering a gentle leadership to others on the path of discovery. Passionate, wise, and warm Lauren has the unique ability to curate space, to forge connections, and facilitate openness in those around her. As a mentor, or colleague, Lauren brings her unique brand of wild and magic into every environment; I could not recommend her highly enough. Sarah Gonzales (Foraging and Wildcrafting coordinator at Hamwood 🙂
Obu LamuGoogle Review
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It was a pleasure collaborating with Lauren from Wild And Grounded. She was authentic, cooperative, passionate, enthusiastic and down to earth.
Noliqhwa KhumaloGoogle Review
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Lauren is a great Hypnotherapist; she left me calm and empowered, by the journey she facilitated for me. Thanks a lot.

I’m passionate about advocating for the well-being of women and the mental health of moms through seasons of daily life, transition & trauma.

On my upcoming podcast; Wild&Grounded, I invite you to journey with me as I chat to experts and the experienced to discover fresh tools & habits to help us all do life better.

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For queries on individual or group coaching (remote or in-person), workshops, retreats or slow escapes; email me at

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