Coaching with Lauren

Life and NLP coaching with Lauren
Are you a women in transition?
Feeling stuck in the ‘in-between’ season?
Shifting in/out of an identity, career, marriage or life stage?
And would love to begin asking…What is possible? What is next for me?!
Whether you’re a entrepreneur, creative, happens. And when it does, we can find ourselves stuck in familiar mindsets, patterns and titles which no longer align with who we are and where we’re going. 
This April, I’d love to invite you to join my online ‘The Story I’ll tell’ Coaching Reset…
  • Including 1:1 Mindset Coaching Sessions with me
  • Monthly Workshops co-hosted with myself and global practitioners
  • A supportive community of like-minded women navigating change
  • Priority for Wild & Grounded Women Meet-ups and Nature Immersions in Cape Town, Bali & Kenya.
  • Priority for annual Wild & Grounded Storytelling Retreats in Cape Town, Bali & Kenya.
This membership has limited spaces available. Choose between 3/6 month memberships.
Email now for details and to add your name to the waiting list. 
Just because this is your Story now, doesn’t mean it always has to be. 

I’m Lauren Manuel, a certified NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Practitioner, Life Coach, Movement Facilitator and Communications Specialist. I guide individuals towards the possibility of reclaiming your story, liberating yourself and making empowered decisions for new outcomes and a new story. 
As founder of the Wild and Grounded Group, I curate group workshops, experiences and breakaways with schools, NGO’s, corporates that all nurture connection to self, to others and to earth and enhance internal communication, holistic well-being and mindset shift towards common goals.

After 12 years of working as a travel journalist and storyteller, and having my work published in publications across the globe;

I finally began using my Bachelor of Business Science Degree in Marketing to begin storytelling for brands and organisations.

As a Communications Specialist I’ve continued to build bridges, build connection and advocate for the voices of female changemakers and the way society supports mothers and children.

"What is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"
Mary Oliver, A Summer Day