Journaling for Thankfulness with Bisi

Wild & Grounded Podcast

I chat to Healthcare Practitioner & Well-Being Coach, Bisi Emenanjo, about Journaling for Thankfulness and the impact this habit can have on your mental health, relationships and overall well-being.

Grounding Tool 5-4-3-2-1 with Julie.

In this very first episode of Wild & Grounded, Julie Mac Donnell chats about the Mindfulness Grounding tool 5-4-3-2-1 which utilises all of our senses to help bring us out of chaotic head space and into the ‘NOW’.

Wild&Grounded Podcast Trailer

Wild&Grounded Podcast

Meet your host, Lauren Manuel. Wild&Grounded is really an invitation to journey with me as I join experts and experienced women to discover fresh habits and daily tools to add to your kit which will help us all do life a bit better. And ultimately thrive. Progress, not perfection. I’ll hope you’ll join me.