Journaling for Thankfulness with Bisi

Journaling for Thankfulness with Bisi

Healthcare Practitioner and Well-Being Consultant, Bisi Emenanjo, joins me to chat about the practice of Journaling for Thankfulness and the life-changing effect it can have on your mental health, relationships and overall well-being.  While not everyone is a writer or enjoys journaling, noting 1 or 2 things you’re thankful for, however simple, has vast effects on the narrative you form for yourself today and everyday. 

Bisi helps Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs master how to thrive at work/home without burnout. To find out more about her coaching and retreats, visit 

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The podcast host, Lauren, is a Globally Published Storyteller (Travel & Well-Being), Communications Specialist and Co-host of Global Well-being Retreats. She is a single mom of two boys under 7, attempting to put the people pleaser and perfectionist in her to rest while plotting her move to tropical territories. She can be reached at and on Instagram @thetravelmanuel @wildandgrounded_

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